After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God

Chapter 581 - Chapter 581: Adding Fuel to Fire! (2)

Chapter 581: Adding Fuel to Fire! (2)

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Si Fuqing asked, “Is there money to be had?”

“Alright, I got it,” Sang Yanqing raised a hand to stop her, feeling utterly exhausted. “I’ll go and reject it right now.”

“Sis,” Su Yang approached her with concern. “Do you need me to help you with reposting?”

“No need, this matter doesn’t concern you. Don’t get involved; it’s not good for you,” Si Fuqing squinted her eyes. “I heard from from Little Xu that your ex-girlfriend called you, and you were in a bad mood. So, you still won’t tell me who she is?”

She certainly knew why Su Yang ended up singing in a bar and was subsequently surrounded by thugs.

It was all because of his girlfriend.

If she hadn’t happened by that day, Su Yang’s injury would have been more than just a leg injury.

Su Yang’s expression was cold. “She’s not someone important, no need to bother your ears.”

“Then she better pray she doesn’t cross paths with me,” Si Fuqing pulled up several webpages. “I’m quite protective, you know.”

Su Yang coughed. “Mhmm, thanks, Sis.”

Fortunately, even though his sis now had a biological cousin, his position seemed still relatively secure.

This brought him some comfort.

Online, the situation was still ablaze.

Programmers knew they wouldn’t be getting any rest tonight.

With Si Fuqing’s maneuver, not only did she clear her own name, but she also directed all the pressure onto Xu Jianian and Lin Wansu.

Both of their Weibos were completely overwhelmed.

While Xu Jianian still had some delirious fans, Lin Wansu was utterly unable to fend off the onslaught, nearing madness.

Xu Jianian’s agent had not anticipated that their carefully planned PR scheme, which could have solidly established Xu Jianian’s image as a devoted lover, would be completely destroyed by a single photo from Si Fuqing.

That one photo crushed the best PR team of Shengxing Entertainment.

“Where did she get that photo from?” The agent, furious and utterly baffled, exclaimed, “Didn’t you look around to see if anyone was nearby when you left?!”

Xu Jianian had a severe headache. “I told you, there was no one around when we came out.”

“Then how does she have the photo?” The agent was so frustrated he felt chest stuffed in his chest. “The angle looks like it was taken from surveillance, but the surveillance has been thoroughly destroyed!”

Naturally, entertainment reporters went to the restaurant owner afterwards, but with the surveillance gone, they came back empty-handed.

Xu Jianian remained silent.

His grip tightened, sweat covered his forehead, and his lips trembled.

Regardless of where Si Fuqing’s photo came from, he knew he was completely done this time.

Xu Jianian’s mind was still in a haze.

He had suddenly become famous during a summer vacation three years ago and had never dreamt of having so many fans.

Over the past two years, he had indeed been living off the benefits of his fanbase and made a lot of money.

But people always become greedier.

Xu Jianian indeed wanted to use Lin Wansu to penetrate the social circles of Sijiu City to gain more resources.

He didn’t dislike Lin WanSu; he thought that once he met higher-status individuals, he could break up with her.

But before he could act on his plans, his status as a top-tier celebrity crumbled overnight.

As quickly as he rose to fame, he fell just as swiftly.

“Brother, there’s trouble!” The assistant suddenly ran over in a panic. “Several marketing accounts suddenly leaked Jianian’s scandals! Even Jianian’s major fans are turning against him!” The agent hurried to check.

And when he did, his vision darkened.

In addition to maliciously using Si Fuqing as a shield, there were also articles about him oppressing and sidelining other artists.

Among them, the most notable was the sleeping fan incident with Helan Ze.

The Weibo post pointed out that the entire sleeping fan scandal was maliciously fabricated by Xu Jianian’s team, causing the victim to suffer from severe depression and still have suicidal thoughts to this day.

Helan Ze retweeted the post.

[@HelanZeV: I’ve always believed that the day when the truth comes out will arrive.]

[Crying, Lanze has been wronged so much over these years.]

[The victim is my friend; I still visit her in the hospital every week. Xu Jianian and your delusional fans are murderers!]

[Boycott Xu Jianian, leave the industry!] All of Xu Jianian’s dark secrets were exposed.

They couldn’t be suppressed.

This year, the entertainment industry witnessed numerous scandals involving celebrities, but Xu Jianian stood out as the sole top-tier star embroiled in controversy.

As Helan Ze unexpectedly took to Weibo, Xu Jianian was finally seized by panic. “Weren’t all traces of this incident erased?”

Otherwise, Helan Zés team would have launched a counterattack much earlier. Why wait until now?

“What’s the use of asking these questions now, huh?” His agent was so furious that he laughed out instead. “Xu Jianian, the company has no choice but to let you go. You’ve brought this upon yourself. However, you still have a girlfriend. It’d be wise to consult with the Lin family to see if they’re willing to stand by you..”

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