After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God

Chapter 527 - Chapter 527: The Female Lead of Crossing the Demon Realm, Lady of Luck (3)

Chapter 527: The Female Lead of Crossing the Demon Realm, Lady of Luck (3)

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The shareholders were in turmoil, seizing the opportunity to exit the board of directors.

Only Elder Feng remained, and he was in the process of transferring assets.

“Elder Feng, something terrible has happened!” Zuo Yuanlin ran in, panic-stricken, “A group of people just came and dug up my family’s ancestral grave, even taking away my granduncle’s coffin!”

Elder Feng didn’t particularly care about the affairs of the Zuo family, but the mention of grave digging shocked him, “Digging up the ancestral grave? Who would do such a thing?”

This was akin to desecrating the dead.

Who harbored such hatred towards the Zuo family?

“I—I’m not sure,” Zuo Yuanlin’s legs trembled, “I only know they were formidable, beyond our means to provoke, seemingly from Sijiu City.”

With Zuo Tianfeng taken away by the law enforcement team, Sijiu City was beyond their reach.

“It’s your granduncle’s, not your grandfather’s, don’t bother with it,” Elder Feng mused for a moment and sneered, “It’s their family’s retribution. I once thought your granduncle took in Si Fuqing out of charity, only to find out he was involved in malicious trafficking, causing us to suffer as well.” Elder Feng now loathed the old Master Zuo to the bone.

Zuo Yuanlin wiped sweat from his brow, “But Elder Feng, what about the company? We can’t keep it going.”

“We’ll have to liquidate assets,” Elder Feng gritted his teeth, “Then shift all the company’s debts onto Zuo Xianyu. It’s the debt left by her grandfather; she should be the one to pay it off.”

“Elder Feng’s wisdom shines through,” Zuo Yuanlin finally smiled, “The Zuo

Corporation was ruined by their family; they should atone for it.”

The two exchanged glances, understanding each other’s thoughts.

They intended to take the money and run, leaving Zuo Xianyu’s fate out of their concern.

Zuo Xianyu was unaware that her ancestor’s grave had been dug up and that all of Zuo Corporation’s debts had been transferred to her name.

She contacted the two Masters of Yin-Yang who had appeared at her grandfather’s funeral and flew back to Sijiu City to meet with the brothers.

“Miss Zuo Xianyu, nice to meet you,” the young man shook her hand with a slight smile, “My surname is Fujisan, with Shinji being my given name. This is my younger brother, Fujisan Kotei. You can call us whatever you wish.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Fujisan,” Zuo Xianyu pressed her lips together, “Can you really transfer all her luck to me?”

“Our profession operates on the principle of exchange,” Fujisan Shinji smiled faintly, “Since Miss Zuo has paid so much, we naturally will assist. But please remember, Miss Zuo, should we fail, the payment is non-refundable.”

Zuo Xianyu’s expression changed, but she clenched her teeth, “Fine, I choose to take her luck.”

Without business acumen, she felt as worthless as death, an outcome she could not accept.

The Fujisan family was the premier Yin-Yang lineage; they couldn’t possibly fail.

“Then, please lead the way, Miss Zuo,” Fujisan Shinji nodded, “We must resolve this tonight, on the night of the full moon of August 15th, when my brother and I are at our strongest.”

The night of the full moon, when the energies of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements were most unstable, the worlds of spirits and the living intersected, and ghosts are rampant, was a moment when Masters of Yin-Yang could achieve twice the result with half the effort.

The Supernatural Management Bureau’s headquarters were not in Sijiu City, and though the Thousand Army Alliance represented absolute martial power, there were too few evolved beings within the alliance to pose a threat to Fujisan Shinji.

A Lady of Luck, now almost devoid of luck, was easier to deal with than ever..

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