Chapter 448: Gu Zheng’s Promise

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At noon, the two of them woke up.

Ning Sheng said that she was going out after dinner.

“GO, Lu He should be outside.” Lu Chuyao didn’t seem to be worried about Ning Sheng going there. He didn’t even ask about it and simply reminded her.

She rarely saw Lu Chuyao like this.

However, it was good not to ask.

She was going to the Gu Corporation to greet Gu Zheng and discuss the future


After all, he was in a hurry that day.

He did not properly communicate with this person who was sincerely working

for the Gu Corporation.

“Miss Ning Sheng, where are you going?”

“Lu Cheng?” Ning Sheng was stunned. “Why is it you? Where’s Lu He?

Wasn’t it always Lu He who drove? Why was it suddenly changed today?

“Lu He has a mission to carry out recently because he was assigned. So Lu He went to deal with it. I’ve been your driver recently.” Lu Cheng said.

This was because the other party had used ten times the amount of money.

Lu He did not want to go at first. After all, his main job now was to protect Ning Sheng. However, after Master Yao found out, he asked Lu He to try. After all, it had been so long and Lu He had not gone out to carry out a mission. The outside world would suspect that Lu He had suddenly disappeared.

“I forgot that Lu He is very strong.”

Ning Sheng sat back down.

“But I know that your ability is not as good as Lu He’s, right?

Lu Cheng was speechless.

“How is my brother doing recently?” Ning Sheng stiffly changed the topic.

Lu Cheng did not speak.

Don’t think that talking about this topic can alleviate the explosive blow that

that sentence just gave me.

“Aren’t you good to my brother?” Ning Sheng continued to ask.

Lu Cheng was stunned for a moment.

“How can I? I’m treating him like my most beloved son. I’m just short of holding him in my hands. I also value Ning Mu’s ability very much.”

Regarding Ning Mu’s matter, he did not hide anything.

He had taught her all his abilities.

It wasn’t because of Master Yao’s request. He just felt that this child was very

much to his liking.

They arrived at the Gu Corporation building.

As soon as Ning Sheng entered, the lady at the front desk from last time

walked over.

“Miss, is there anything I can help you with?”

“No, thanks.” Ning Sheng smiled and shook her head.

The last time he came here, he knew almost everything, so he didn’t need

anyone to lead him.

However, this receptionist lady was quite good-looking.

The receptionist was speechless.

Why did he feel like he had suddenly been conquered?

Previously, they had heard that the eldest daughter of the Gu family was rather flamboyant and had even destroyed the Jiang family. They had also heard that she was married to the most mysterious third young master of the Lu family in the capital. With such an identity and status, she should be able to soar to the heavens, right?

But his tone just now and now were both tempting!

That’s too much!

From now on, she was a fangirl.

After that, this matter spread throughout the entire company. Everyone in the company knew about it.

However, Ning Sheng did not know.

His charisma had suddenly risen.

At this moment, she had already arrived at Gu Zheng’s office.

“I won’t go in with you, right?” Lu Cheng said. “Miss Ning Sheng?

It was his first time being a follower, so he was a little at a loss.

Moreover, he was afraid that Miss Ning Sheng would unconsciously ridicule him He could be trash, but he could not be compared to Lu He. Even if Lu He was really stronger than him, but! She just didn’t want to hear any comparison.

“Up to you. Anything is fine.” Ning Sheng said.

Lu Lucheng hesitated for a moment, but he still walked in.

Gu Zheng’s office was still the same as before. There were no changes. It was just that there were a little more documents than before, but he did not slack off at all and was very serious in his work.

“Uncle Gu.” Ning Sheng walked over.

Lu Cheng, who was behind him, placed the dessert on his desk very dutifully and said appropriately, “Hello, Mr. Gu. This is the afternoon tea that our miss specially prepared for you.”

Ning Sheng glanced at Lu Cheng.

Not bad, young man.

Compared to Lu He, at least his words were official.

“Miss Ning Sheng, I didn’t expect you to come over so suddenly. I’m really sorry.” Gu Ze stood up when he saw Ning Sheng. “I’ve been a little busy recently, so I didn’t have time to greet you.”

Ning Sheng waved his hand.

-What are you talking about? I’m a junior. I should be the one doing it.”

Gu Zheng was stunned for a moment.

Ning Sheng, who had been decisive in killing during the previous meeting, seemed to have changed into a different person. She spoke to him in an extremely gentle manner and even came over specially.

“Sir, do you have any orders for me today?”

Ning Sheng smiled when she heard this.

-I came here today mainly to tell Uncle Gu that I thank you for sticking to your own ideas all these years. You didn’t give up and saved the Gu Corporation,” he said very seriously.

Gu Ze did not expect Ning Sheng to specially come over and say such words.

“This is what I should do.”

Gu Ze and Gu Youxi were good friends when they were young. It was just that their majors were different. He was in finance, while Gu Youxi was a physics fan. He did not care about the Gu Corporation, so he had been working hard to help him protect this business.

“I’ll leave the Gu Corporation to you in the future.” Ning Sheng said.

“Aren’t you going to participate in the development of the Gu Corporation?” Gu Zheng asked.

After all, Ning Sheng was now the biggest shareholder of the Gu family, and he was already the head of the Gu family. Now, Ning Sheng wanted him to take care of the Gu family?

“My father trusts you, and I trust you too. Uncle Gu doesn’t have to treat me as the eldest daughter of the Gu family. You can just treat me as your niece. Besides, I don’t know anything about managing a company. I still hope that the Gu Corporation can continue to flourish in your hands.” Ning Sheng said.

The main reason was that he did not have the time and energy to do such a thing.

The professors from the Institute of Physics were still waiting for him to go back.

She went to visit Movie King Gu once, and when she came back, she would have to continue working at the Institute of Physics.

“I heard that you have a job at the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Translation?”

Gu asked.

He simply felt that this little niece was indeed not an ordinary person. However, how could Gu Youxi’s daughter be an ordinary person?

■Til be discovering new physics geniuses in the Institute of Physics. After all, it was my original dream to be a translator.” However, because the Research Institute of Physics was his responsibility, he had always put the Research Institute of Physics first.

“Shengsheng, don’t worry. As long as I’m in the Gu Industries, I’ll make proper arrangements. I won’t let you be distracted by this at all.” Gu Zheng said seriously.

This was his promise.

“Please.” Ning Sheng bowed.

Lu Cheng looked at Ning Sheng and suddenly understood something. Actually, Miss Ning Sheng was a person with a bright spot, right?

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