A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Chapter 596 - Chapter 596: World Peace and the Destroyer

Chapter 596: World Peace and the Destroyer

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The cloud elf’s drop pod was coming at him menacingly. Matthew quickly woke up the oak guard and prepared to fight.

However, when it was about 500 meters from the ground, the descent of the pod suddenly slowed down.

A faint blue light lit up from the bottom of the pod.

Matthew could recognize that it was the symbol of Feather Drop.

Under the enhancement of the Feather Drop technique.

In the end, the pod did not crash into the oak forest.

Instead, it landed lightly on an open space in the north of the oak forest.

Matthew quickly went over.

Obast and the others followed closely behind.

When they reached the edge of the drop pod, the hatch had already opened, and a very thin humanoid creature walked out.

She was wearing a seemingly thin armour that reflected the lustre of fish scales.

She was even taller and thinner than the Twilight Elves.

From the side.

Her entire body was as thin as a piece of paper as if she could fly away with a gust of wind.

Without a doubt.

This was a cloud elf.

“I’m Amelia, the leader of the thirteenth team of the World’s Calamity. Ms.

Bobo Wilkins entrusted me with coming here. You must be Mr. Matthew.”

The cloud elf’s voice was very ethereal and sweet, giving off a delicate feeling. It was a clear contrast to her capable appearance.

“I am.”

Matthew nodded and asked about Amelia’s background.

Amelia walked up to Matthew and extended her hand.

Matthew shook her hand and found that her palm was extremely cold as if she had just come out of an ice cave.

When the cloud elf walked, her body was different from normal creatures. She seemed to be floating or jumping.

Gravity seemed to have no effect on them.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Matthew.”

Amelia smiled and said,

‘ Lady Bobo is currently undergoing the Wisdom Palace’s assessment. If nothing goes wrong, she will become one of the most promising Arcane Machinists. After receiving your letter, she had intended to come here personally, but we persuaded her not to do so. The project she is currently working on is very critical, so she is unable to come personally. I hope you can understand.”

Matthew waved his hand.

“If there’s anything more important, just let me know. There’s no need to make such a big fuss.”

Amelia smiled and said,

“No, no, no. Madam Bobo still values your request for help. Unfortunately, the secret order of the Seven Saint Alliance has been officially made public. Due to some subsidiary agreements of this secret order, the World’s Calamity unit that I am in cannot directly participate in the war on the surface. In the end, after discussing with Lady Bobo, I have decided to come here in my personal name to help you complete certain combat missions.”

The World’s Calamity?

As if noticing the doubt in Matthew’s eyes, Amelia introduced him enthusiastically,

” The World’s Calamity is Cloud Edge City’s most powerful aerial force. Due to the Cloud Elves having deployed a large number of aerial bases and extraterrestrial orbits in the skies of Aindor, the members of the World’s Calamity can descend to any corner of the world at once.

“This unit was a key cooperation project between Cyberdragon and Cloud Edge City.

“Unfortunately, ever since the incident at the Cloud Ruins broke out, there was some conflict between Cyberdragon and Cloud Edge City, and the projects between the two sides were terminated one by one.

“Although the World’s Calamity remained independent, many projects in the army were forced to disband.

“Otherwise, as long as Lady Bobo agrees, I can mobilize at least three Sky Squad members to assist in the battle.”

Matthew clicked his tongue in his heart.

He had long known that Cloud Edge City’s civilization was extraordinary- the Cloud Elves had displayed incredible technological prowess when hunting down Lorraine.

However, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t see her in a few days.

Did Bobo become an important figure in Cloud Edge City?! Matthew asked curiously,

Isn’t Bobo a Mystic Machinist of the Cyberdragon?

” Why did she join Cloud Edge City?”

Amelia explained,

“As I said, the World’s Calamity is a collaboration between Cyberdragon and Cloud Edge City.

“Lady Bobo did not become a citizen of Cloud Edge City. She was only working for the World’s Calamity.

“The current vice commander of the World’s Calamity was the president of the Huo Sisters, Ms. Holkins.

“Back then, Ms. Bobo had entered the Cyberdragon to study under the arrangement of Ms. Holkins.

“Now, you can be considered to have returned to Madam Holkins’ side.” Matthew nodded and did not continue to ask.

Regardless of whether what the other party said was true or not, at least this cloud elf’s attitude was not bad. Matthew had no reason to reject her.

In the next moment.

When the Cloud Elf took out a black suitcase from the drop pod and handed it to Matthew, he was shocked.

He basically believed what Amelia said.

The suitcase was heavy.

A huge sense of danger came from inside the box.

At that moment.

Matthew’s hair stood on end.

” This is ‘World Peace No.l,’ Ms. Bobo’s latest creation.

“It’s equivalent to the effect of ten Tier 5 Evocation spells stacked together. This is the remote control. Please keep it well.

Oh right, World Peace comes with an additional voice-activated spell. The moment you press the remote control, please be sure to shout the word ‘World Peace’. Otherwise, this bomb may become unstable.”

He silently felt that familiar smell.

Matthew’s arm couldn’t help but tremble.

He had a lot of complaints in his heart, so he couldn’t help but ask….

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